Case Study Added to the MIPN Control Database

The MIPN Control Database ( is a free resource with control information for over 45 invasive species. Both chemical and non-chemical techniques are described and each technique is rated based on effectiveness.

One of the features that was built into the control database was a way for users to add their own experiences controlling invasive plants. We added this feature because while we based our control information on the best available science and field reports, we also knew there were a lot of success stories (and failures) we hadn’t heard about.

Recently, a case study was added to the common buckthorn page on the use of goats to control this small shrub that is giving our region so many problems. Last year we also had a case study added on the control of glossy buckthorn with herbicides.

If you want to check out either of these case studies and all of the information featured on the MIPN Control Database (we continue to add new species and just recently added Japanese barberry) go to

Navigate to either the common or glossy buckthorn page depending on which case study you want to see. Then click on the “Display case studies” link. After you see what kind of information people are posting please add your own experience with whatever species you have been working with.

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